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Automation and remote control systems

Building automation

Building control and dedicated system.

Computherm's remote control system can be properly used in the control of technological installations inside buildings. The realization consists generally in one or more main devices (that can be connected to the computer in local or in remote by modem or network) and some expansion modules distributed on the installation in the user points.

Computherm offers and develops solutions for:

CogenerationZoningBuilding control
Cogenerazione Urbanistica Building automation
SupermarketEnvironmental monitoringBuilding monitoring
Monitoraggio Monitoraggio ambientale Contabilizzazione

Computherm offers and develops solutions for other areas of specialization: aqueducts, treatment plants, access control, industrial automation, process control, etc..

There are several connections between the devices , for example:

  • Local network on bus Argo
  • Local network on bus Argo wireless
  • Rthernet network
  • M-Bus network
  • Mod-Bus network

Interfacing with different system: photovoltaic, fire and burglar alarm, chillers, etc..)