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Automation and remote control systems


Certification of quality

The certification has been released by CSQ, which belongs via IMQ to CISQ Federation (including the primary Italian certification bodies agreeing on standard operating procedures and evaluation criteria).

ISO 9001
ISO 9001
Computherm is compliant with ISO 9001: 2008, which certifies the quality of the company procedures for the following activities: design and manufacture of remote control systems and setting for technological systems.

Computherm's certification is available in PDF format.
You can open it into Adobe Acrobat Reader.

CISQ Federation complies with IQNet international agreement. Its goal is mutual certificates recognition of enterprises’ management systems issued by certification bodies of the major industrialized countries.

CEE mark of conformity

Marcatura CE
Our products comply with EU standards for security and compliance. The construction models have successfully passed the following tests:
  • EMC conducted emissions
  • EMC radiated emissions
  • EMC immunity conduct
  • EMC radiated immunity
  • Electrostatic discharge immunity ESD
*Certificates of products and components used are available upon request.