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Automation and remote control systems


Recording data on networks M-Bus.

The device CPTM_Bus is a model that allows to read and record data from all instrumentation in M-Bus standard architecture, in a stand-alone mode trough Computherm's peripheral device or by any other system that supports this protocol. The M-Bus protocol is an open international standard that allows to exchange information from the slaves (gauges and counters M-Bus) to the master (network operator or CPTM-Bus). The management and the decoding of M.Bus protocol conforms to UNI EN 1434 regulations.

The device can be ordered in different versions: Master, Slave and Level converter:

MasterSlaveLevel converter
Master M-Bus Slave M-Bus Level Converter M-Bus

In the master and in the slave version there is a function to record the historical data from 250 instruments in a range of time programmable by hour or day. For example: a daily record of 250 instruments will go on 2 years.

The support with removable memory allows the configuration and the record of data. In case of failure the support can be installed in a new equipment, preserving the settings and the recorded data, assuring security and continuity of service. .

Moreover, an efficient system of differential unloading favors time and resources saving (specially by GSM).

Data logger CPTM-Bus
Module for Din rail remotely controllable

The device CPTM-BUS Master can be used independently, in direct connection to the local Pc or by modem GSM. It's also possible to control completely a thermal power plant using a device CPTM-Bus and a device TaX3

Available configurations of CPTM-Bus01:
60AL 60 Master
60MD 60 Master con modem GSM
60T6 60 Slave per telegestione T6fx
60LC232 60 LevelConverter RS232
60LC485 60 LevelConverter RS485
120AL 120 Master
120MD 120 Master con modem GSM
120T6 120 Slave per telegestione T6fx
120LC232 120 LevelConverter RS232
120LC485 120 LevelConverter RS485
250AL 250 Master
250MD 250 Master con modem GSM
250T6 250 Slave per telegestione T6fx
250LC232 250 LevelConverter RS232
250LC485 250 LevelConverter RS485

Data logger CPTM-Bus