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Automation and remote control systems


Devices for local management

Ours devices for local management can easily be programmed locally throughout only 4 key buttoms and a light display with 32 characters on 2 rows. An annulus of LED simulates a classic mechanical watch and makes its use intuitive even for unskilled operators.

Devices for computer based local management

These devices can have an optional display or can directly be connected to the computer (trough the dedicated serial port RS232 or USB) that allows a direct control and management using our software’s simple and intuitive graphic interface.

Devices for remote control by modem

These devices allow the system’s remote controlled management by GSM modem, Hayes or Ethernet network. The devices are user-friendly and do not require particular IT knowledge. Each operation can be performed in a graphical mode, moving the mouse on the icon of the synoptic scheme, allowing parameters’ view and easy modification.

Some examples of remotely controllable functions are: