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Automation and remote control systems


Suite T90Win

Computherm's program pack includes all needed instruments to manage technological systems.

Throughout these you will be able:
  • to control in real time the system and modify settings using an animated and interactive synoptic interface
  • to view data of probes and if necessary to control regulations, or to change timetable or functions related to environment, occupational and logical variables
  • to immediately view failures and manage bugs report sent immediately to dedicated staff. Bugs report can be sent to available staff and also recorded in the main device of energy manager or customer
  • to improve automatic adjustments of functions in order to maximize the environmental comfort and energy saving. The remote control system includes in fact also the functions: thermoregulation, switching time optimization, etc..
  • to create a database based on historical data of functions (temperature, switching time, heat, measurement etc..) available for accounting purposes, service grade statistics
  • to make a locally programmable regulation system customized to the customer's specification
  • Programmable logic and flexibility

Download the installation CD
*Trial version (after 30 days the product needs serial number).